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Private Tutoring

Are you learning a language at university but unhappy with the proficiency you gain in colloquial use of the language? Is the pace at which university teaches you the grammar just too hard to memorise everything?

Then we have an offer for you! Meet one of our tutors in a relaxed atmosphere without any resemblance to a classroom situation. Go through the grammar slowly over a cup of tea or have conversations with your tutor, increasing complexity of the topics over time. Maybe employ your newly acquired language skills in a real-life situation like shopping or ordering a meal with the support and feedback of your tutor. Suggest your own scenario like the ones above. We are open to new approaches. When we tutor you, we also mentor you and as the mentee you are the focus of the whole exercise. Whatever is practicable and you believe to be useful to improve your language proficiency, we will try.


Unlike language classes, tutoring is an open-ended approach. It is up to you how long you stay with us and if we see you every week or only once a month.

While we are happy to tutor individuals, you can also share the cost with up to 2 other people. In the interest of quality, we do not accept groups of more than 4 for tutoring. Typically tutoring sessions happen weekly for about 1-2 hours. The tutoring sessions are typically held in the evening. If you would prefer the daytime, please let us know.

Because each private tutoring is created for your specific requirements, once we have discussed these with you, we will provide a cost for your lessons. We base our costing on an hourly rate of $60.
Please contact us for more information and to arrange a first meeting.